This is the first post for geektalker. The reason I am starting this blog is because I want a place to document all the geek things I do. Everyone is always asking me how to setup this or do that. So this site is a place where I can tell them.

I have a natural tendency to over explain things and get far down the rabbit whole. I will try to cut-back the words and do as many examples I can. I plan to put tutorials up, reviews on products I am using, and many other geek related things.

Please feel free to send suggestions for stories you might be interested or if you want me do some review on a product/products. I will also post reviews and reactions to very “geeky” things like movie reviews for Science Fiction / Action movies. Or what ever pops in my brain…

I will sign of with a quote, what movie is it? 🙂

“My Brain Hurts?!?”



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