iPad 2 vs Me!

iPad 2

I am not the person who would say this lightly. Those who know me; I am very practical and don’t buy things unless I will use them. When the first iPad came out I was resistant to purchase for two reasons. One was price the other was it sound like a woman product (no offense).

That said, I have been completely turned 180. The device is invaluable now. Aside from the gaming and fast dual-core processing. The device is far more useful than I expected. So far here is my list of must-have-apps :

– PopSci+
– Angry Birds HD (highly addictive)
– GoodReader
– Netflix
– MarketDash (for stock watchers)
– AppShopper
– OpenTable (great for finding restraints)
– Amazon.com
– NPR (National Public Radio)
– Plex (been talking much about this in other posts)

I am sure my list will grow…

Let me talk a little about why GoodReader is worth it. First off, everything iBook does not support GoodReader seems to. I have about 10 PDF’s now stored in GoodReader and I love how simply and easy it is to get to my PDF files. In addition GoodReader supports several cloud services including dot me accounts (and of course I have one). The primary reason I like this reader is I can crop my PDFs to just focus on the areas I want. And its persistent throughout the entire PDF. I will soon be adding all my PDF’s here.

Plex app is amazing since it connects to my PMS (Plex Media Server) at home when I am at work. This is great for the type of desk job I have. I put something on in the background and work all day with a full media center at my disposal. Plex also supports pictures and music. Though the music still needs work streaming from your server.

iPad 2 is nothing less than my laptop replacement. Pretty much everything I used to do on my laptop. I am now doing on the iPad. For example, email, browsing the web, and checking stock prices are much of my morning tasks. I do this all on the iPad as soon as I wake. No bulky laptop to bring around. As we grow into the iPad world I foresee laptops a thing of the past. I personally think the laptop I am typing this post on will be my last laptop ever. The iPad is slowly gaining its footing. Its a matter of time and adjustment and we all will have a iPad or iPad clone.

For the non-believers of the iPad. You can touch it in the store, you can play with it at your friends house. But you have no idea how much you use it till you actually buy it. It is totally worth every penny and more. Its nothing less than a huge time saver and space saver. For the business folks this tool is an absolute must. Taking notes is a breeze and keynote is amazing on the iPad. I am 100 percent on-board with iPad now. And just a year ago I though it was a useless piece of middle-ware hardware.


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