Plexapp and ripping DVD’s

Well, if this was not any easier I don’t know what is.

Here is my setup:
– Mac Mini
-Plex and Plex Media server
-6TB attached FW800 drive (raid 5 setup: click here for more info)

Now, after doing some configuring (see my earlier post here)

  1. Install VideoRip plugin forum link
  2. Install HandBrakeCLI version 0.9.4 download here (NOT 0.9.5 the latest)
  3. make sure to change the version in the path to 0.9.4:

  4. after finished downloading copy HandBrakeCLI file into the /Applications/ folder
  5. Download VLC and install that in your /Applications/ folder
  6. You may need to restart your plexapp
  7. Once everything is installed make sure to set the following:
    • From the main plex menu, look for “Applications”
    • Then look for VideoRip
    • Open the app and you should see settings
    • Set the Movie path and the TV Path

      Preferences for VideoRip

Phew, lots of steps for the novice. Now that you have the all complete. It should be as simple as selecting “Rip Movie” from the main menu of “VideoRip”.

I should also note, when burning the “Waiting for server…” message will stay up the entire time. When its complete “if you have eject when complete” enabled the DVD will eject. My screen cap has it off since I was debugging. But by default it should be on.

I should note that for more up-to-date info you should check the forums on, here is the full link:

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you are new to plex check out my earlier posts for configuring you mac mini (or what every device you are setting up).


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